Portraits for Piloting in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, here we come! We would like to get to know you and are willing to spoil our tour guide with some portraits.

Do you want to show off your Amsterdam? We are interested in everything aside from typical tourist-areas: a cool café, the best view, fascinating shops, … and whatnot. No worries, we don´t expect historical lectures or the most exciting adrenaline-intoxication ;) We are looking forward to nice locals and some time well-spent. Please do not hesitate to bring another person with you.

In exchange we will take some pictures of you and gift you with a 20min-Minisession.  You´ll receive the pictures digital, in high resolution.


Sounds like a deal? Get in touch here to talk about all the details. Hope to hear from you! :)
We are also going to be in Hamburg, too. Germans, check this out as well!

Conditions: You have to be 18 yrs or older. Pictures will be shown in our blog here. You need to be okay with that.